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Aortic regurgitation encompasses a complex array of pathophysiologic mechanisms. According to the literature, the percentage of the general population with severe aortic regurgitation is approximately 1%. The average life expectancy of this group is only about 5 years from the time of diagnosis of the disease. As of today, surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) remains the mainstay of treatment for severe aortic regurgitation, while patients at very high risk for surgical procedures or with significant contraindications are usually treated conservatively.
Minimally invasive valve team of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital successfully completed special and difficult regurgitant TAVR surgery
Notice of Conference and Call for Papers | Minimally Invasive China Tour . The 5th Western Valve Forum
Literature Review|The application of J-Valve for transapical TAVR is safe and effective
Jebsen Medical was born in Suzhou, rooted in China, and is heading for the world.
Northwest's first double-gate replacement|a case of mitral valve intervention valve-in-valve + TAVI surgery
First case in mainland China∣Highly challenging TAVR treatment for right-sided heart with scoliosis
The first fully thoracoscopic tricuspid valve-in-valve operation in China was successfully completed
Green TAVR: Southern Hospital's Cardiac Surgery Team Perfectly Implanted Aortic Valve with Only 15ml of Contrast Agent
Domestic TAVR leader Jie Cheng Medical: still leading under heavy pressure
The first case in the Northwest! TAVR treatment of quadruple leaflet aortic valve insufficiency
Wang Sheng's team in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department of Huazhong Fuwai Hospital has successfully performed transapical mitral valve replacement independently!
Suzhou Jie Cheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. interventional artificial biological heart valve products were successfully included in the National Ministry of Science and Technology "Innovative Medical Devices Product Catalog (2018)
Wang Zhixiong, Director of the Department of Medical Device Registration and Management of the State Drug Administration, visited Jebsen Medical
J-Valve Interventional Prosthetic Heart Valve" developed by Suzhou Jiecheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has been approved for marketing by the State Food and Drug Administration. It is the first original and internationally leading interventional heart valve in China, and the only product in the world that can effectively treat aortic valve insufficiency or stenosis.
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 2 (Xinhua) -- "I made a right decision" -- Canadian "returnee" Zhang Ji praises domestic investment environment
Technology leads the development of modern medical innovation
CCTV coverage of innovative medical companies
(Health Times Reporter Zhengxing Ye) A humanitarian rescue gave a seriously ill elderly woman a new lease of life.
  On February 19, 2016, Consul General in Vancouver Liu Fei met with Dr. Zhang Ji, President of Suzhou Jecheng Medical Technology Co.
  The team led by Dr. Zhang Ji, in cooperation with Dr. Ye Arrow of St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, successfully completed the first heart valve replacement surgery using the company's own innovative high-tech product, J-Valve System, and the patient recovered well after the surgery. Dr. Zhang Ji introduced the surgery and the features of the J-Valve System to Consul General Liu, especially emphasizing that this product is an innovative product with all Chinese independent intellectual property rights, which was successfully applied to overseas patients for the first time. This cooperation has opened a new path for China's independent innovative medical devices to go international.
  Consul General Liu congratulated the positive results of the cooperation between the two sides and expressed his encouragement and support for promoting bilateral scientific and technological cooperation.
In early September, the 11th summit of G20 leaders was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and technology cooperation and exchange among G20 countries became the highlight of the internationally anticipated meeting. J-Valve heart valve technology in the medical field is expected to be the representative project of China's science and technology sector for technology exchange among G20 countries, according to the People's Daily Minsheng Weekly.
The 11th G20 Leaders' Summit will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in September this year, and technical cooperation and exchange among G20 countries has become an internationally anticipated highlight of the meeting. It is understood that J-Valve heart valve technology in the medical field is expected to be a representative project for technology exchange between China's science and technology sector and G20 countries.
PARIS, May 18 (Xinhua) -- Repairing the heart is one of the challenges that the medical community continues to study. At an international medical conference held in Paris recently, a heart valve replacement system developed in China drew wide attention from the international medical community.
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